Virgil Abloh Mural

New Mural in SportieLA's Fame Yard from Street Artist @guerinswing

Tribute to Virgil Abloh - Artist, Designer, Architect

Painted by L.A. Artist Guerin Swing

7661 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles.

"This is a homage to Virgil. The commonalities between Virgil and myself are that we are both Artists that want to express ourselves, push the envelope, take the risks. That's what it is all about. Pushing past fears and boundaries and putting yourself out there. It's part of being a warrior, part of being an Artist. Saying hey I'm going to go outside the boundaries.....I looked up to Virgil. This to me is real. This is a real person that inspired me in my world. To me it was a no brainer from working with Louis Vuitton, Chrome Hearts, and Off White for over a decade I was compelled to do this." - Guerin