• Art Market San Francisco April 20-23, 2023

    Artist Guerin Swing will be debuting his work at Art Market San Francisco April 20-23, 2023 with Bruce Lurie Gallery.

    The 1st Annual Exhibition is brought to you by Eddie Donaldson, a.k.a. GuerillaOne, Jim “TAZ” Evans, Anne Martin of Sugar Press Art and Tracy Park.  The show will feature a diverse array of Malibu based artists, showcasing their work across a variety of mediums and genres that best describes their own interpretation of LOVE MALIBU STYLE and their vision of civic pride. The exhibition will be on view at the Tracy Park Gallery located at the Malibu Lumber Yard, (3939 Cross Creek Road) from February 5th to March 5th and online at

    Artists for LOVE MALIBU STYLE 2022 include:

    Amanda Lynn, Beth Bowen, BLEEK, Brothers Marshal, Carol Roullard, CES, CHAR, Chloe Trujillo, Christopher Lizárraga, Cisco Adler, David Arquette, Eamon Harrington, Hunter Blaze Pearson, Jessica Blowers, Jim “TAZ” Evans, Josh “Bagel” Klassman, Krista Auguis, Mark Estes, Ned Evans, RISK, Scuba Steve, Serf, Spencer Mar Guilburt, Steve Olsen, Yossi Govrin and more to be announced.

    “We are grateful for the leadership and community service activation of the Tracy Park Gallery, and participating talented artists.   We feel truly blessed to be a part of the inaugural, Love Malibu Style event.

    Thank you for supporting our shared mission to empower life altered, trauma survivors through diverse artistic expression, medical collaboration and human connection.”  Laura Sharpe Artists For Trauma Founder, CEO

    Since opening her doors in 2004, Tracy has been fervently dedicated to supporting both emerging and mid-career artists. Her inventory maintains a diverse collection from artists around the globe as well as a substantial amount from local artists.

    The gallery’s exhibition program balances a selection of oil and acrylic works on canvas, bronze sculpture as well as metal and stone sculptures,  collage assemblage and photography.

    “I’m so thrilled to be able to participate in raising funds for ARTISTS FOR TRAUMA. Being able to bring  local talent together for a great cause is what it’s all about” Tracy Park

    Proceeds from the show will benefit Artists For Trauma:

    AFT is dedicated to enriching the lives of both civilian and military trauma survivors by pairing recovering patients with established artists from various creative disciplines. In our signature aim to expedite the quality of the longterm recovery process for the significantly altered trauma survivor; we provide and facilitate FUN, adaptive, artistic platforms designed to provide free of charge, evidencebased, interactive, healing programs. 


    The show will feature a diverse array of LA based artists, showcasing their work across a variety of mediums and genres that best describes their own interpretation of LOVE LA STYLE and their vision of civic pride for Los Angeles. The exhibition will be on view at the Spring Arts Gallery located inside the

    The Last Bookstore (453 S. Spring St Los Angeles, CA)

    from January 30th to February 27th and online at

  • L.A. Arts District Storefront Mural Gladys Tamez

    Even if you’ve never heard of Gladys Tamez, you’ve probably seen her work. “Once you’re familiar with my hats, you can spot them a mile away,” the Los Angeles-based milliner, whose sculptural designs have been worn by everyone from Lady Gaga to Megan Thee Stallion, Ariana Grande to Lil Nas X, and can be seen on shows such as “American Horror Story,” tells Variety. “They tend to have a timeless style that is about quality, balanced design sensibility and giving confidence to whoever is wearing them.”

    Now Tamez has another feather in her cap: a newly opened Gladys Tamez Millinery brick-and-mortar boutique. Connected to her atelier in downtown L.A.’s Arts District, the retail space is an art-filled shop where clients can also watch Tamez’s team of artisans handcrafting bestsellers such as the Kenny, a straw cowboy hat; the Joanne, a pink felt velour number donned by Gaga on her 2016 “Joanne” album cover; and the Johnny, a Western staple with a silver-studded leather band, named after one of Tamez’s first clients, Johnny Depp. And don’t be surprised if Tamez treats you to a personal fitting.


  • 5 Art Gallery

    Surfboards by Guerin Swing currently on Exhibit at 5 Art Gallery Melrose

    Specializing in high quality original contemporary art representing a broad spectrum of major international artists.

  • Virgil Abloh Mural

    New Mural in SportieLA's Fame Yard from Street Artist @guerinswing

    "This is a homage to Virgil. The commonalities between Virgil and myself are that we are both Artists that want to express ourselves, push the envelope, take the risks. That's what it is all about. Pushing past fears and boundaries and putting yourself out there. It's part of being a warrior, part of being an Artist. Saying hey I'm going to go outside the boundaries.....I looked up to Virgil. This to me is real. This is a real person that inspired me in my world. To me it was a no brainer from working with Louis Vuitton, Chrome Hearts, and Off White for over a decade I was compelled to do this." - Guerin